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What makes us different?

Rich Interactive is not just a video production house. We’re an agency with decades of experience working with technology and for technology clients. We advise our clients on how to positively change the behaviour of their audience, by telling stories that include powerful and relevant messages. We are 100% focused on delivering compelling stories, through video and animations, for a commercial audience. Our measure of success is business results, not creative awards.


A unique approach

When it comes to case studies, we are different. We don’t script. The customer knows their own story and we know the benefits our client wants to bring out. We make the customer feel comfortable, then just have a chat with the cameras rolling. We shoot lots of footage and then we transcript the audio and painstakingly edit it to deliver a concise, compelling and credible video.

We get cloud & technology

Not only do we work with clients who offer cloud and technology solutions, we actively use these for our business. So, as an SMB we understand the challenges your clients face. In addition, we have created Bubl, our own interactive presentation tool, meaning we also have a deep understanding of software development and delivering cloud-based services ourselves.

We future-proof your video

We’re a little bit nerdy when it comes to video production kit, so we have all the latest equipment and shoot everything in 4K. We know you can’t often show your assets in 4K, but one day you will; and by then we’ll probably be shooting in 8K!

Customer testimonial

Rich Interactive is more than an agency, they are a true partner to our business. From concept to execution, I've never seen another company take the same level of consideration and detailed steps they take to build and deliver such impactful creatives - be it video, written or other visual work. Every project is a source of personal pride to them, and is treated as such. Competitively priced, carefully worked on, their advice and expertise is greatly appreciated and valued.

Claire Grove, Customer Advocacy Lead, Microsoft UK


Our measure of success is business results, not creative awards.


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