It goes without saying that we have the best kit and editing team, but so do other video production houses; that’s only half the story. What makes us different is our ethos to work closely and collaboratively with our customers and their partners, to create stories that remain in the minds of your clients and prompt them to action. Our mission is to make a lasting difference to your sales and marketing outcomes.

Our History

Our corporate storytelling journey started during the early years of the internet in the mid-1990s, when content was primarily delivered by CD-ROM. Born from a need for high impact communications from clients including Microsoft, Sony, Panasonic and Dell, our proposition came to life.

Over the past two decades we have perfected the art of corporate storytelling, servicing the demand for video as a powerful communications tool. In the last 12 months we have delivered well over 100 projects, including more than 400 interviews conducted in various locations around the UK, Europe, USA and beyond. 


Our producers have extensive experience of business, technology and marketing. This is significant when working with customers on the shoot day, where there are literally hundreds of decisions to make. We own each project and understand fully how it sits within our customer’s marketing mix, the target audience profile we’re influencing and the way that they think. We produce 100+ customer stories per year, so we spend a great deal of time with target audiences and we usually know more about the way they think than our customers do.


We’re happy to manage the planning process with your clients and lead the calls, but we take great care not to discuss the content of the story with them – we want to save that discussion for when the cameras are rolling, because the first conversation is always the most natural. In the planning phase we help with the logistics and explaining the shoot day experience - but it’s all informal and geared towards forging a positive relationship before we arrive. Behind the scenes we will be making sure we have a clear understanding of the story as you see it, so we are able to run the project for you.

Technical knowledge

We don’t just make videos about IT solutions, we use them and develop them (we have an in-house development team creating Bubl, our interactive presentation product). So customers can go deep into a technical conversation and we can cope; then, we’ll gently steer the discussion back to the commercial values we want to expose, without the interviewee realising.


Interview technique

We want the conversations to be natural and credible, so we’ll tell the interviewee that we know very little about their story and then let them explain it chronologically.

Throughout we may ask leading follow-up questions to obtain the content we need, but we avoid changing the subject to maintain a good flow. We’re looking for the business context first, because this speaks to other customers and prospects, we then weave in the technology to provide sufficient rationale.

Our interviews tend to go on longer than most, so we get more choice and the interviewee relaxes more because they realise that it’s a conversation, not a Q&A. This makes their delivery and facial expression much more credible.

Transcription and editing

Typically, we generate between 30-60 pages of transcripts from a single shoot day. We then spend 10-12 hours reviewing and marking-up the best content, this often means creating new sentences by combining elements from more than one answer given by the interviewee.

A timeline of all the best content is created from the transcripts and then edited by the person who conducted the interview. This is a big departure from the norm and makes a significant difference to the quality of the final output.

Once we have the completed narrative, the story is passed to one of our editors to create the visual content, but still taking direction from the producer.


It's all in-house

We’re not an agency that partners with a production house, nor are we a production company that has some marketing skills. Our skills span all disciplines.